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In addition to its programmes dedicated to export, Sacem is involved in specific funds which are mutualised with professional and institutionnal networks such as Bureauexport, Institut français, AJC etc.

The mutualisation of expertises and financial means increases the success of creators and publishers beyond borders. It also makes easier bilateral relations and exchanges between countries on specific concrete projects.


International aide projets SACEM

The Franco-German-Swiss Fund for contemporary music, Impuls neue Musik, supports the creation, promotion and diffusion of contemporary music in the following two linguistic and cultural areas: French and German. At the heart of Impuls neue Musik is the long-term connection between the French and German speaking contemporary music scenes in the partner countries (currently Germany, France and Switzerland).

For criteria regarding support:

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Deadline for applications: 1 May

Impuls neue Musik was founded in 2009 through the initiative of Sacem, the French Embassy in Germany, the Ministry of Culture and Communication and the Bureau Export (now Centre national de la musique). It has since been joined by German and Swiss public and private partners (Goethe Institut, Musikfonds, Pro Helvetia). Since 1 January 2020 Impuls neue Musik is administered by Institut français which is also a long-term partner of the Fonds.


Diaphonique, Franco-British Fund for Contemporary Music

International aide projets SACEM

Managed through the Bureauexport, this Fund supports projects dedicated to creation of works and their dissemination involving partners from both countries. It contributes to spread French contemporary music in the UK and British contemporary music in France.

Shaped as the Franco-German and Franco-American Funds, Diaphonique was created in 2011 with Sacem and the Institut français in UK .

More information on Diaphonique

FACE, Franco-American Fund for Contemporary Music

International aide projets SACEM

This Fund supports contemporary music projects – commissions, residencies, performances, tours, and master classes – that foster cultural exchange between France and the United States.

It was initiated in 2004 by CulturesFrance and the cultural services of the French Embassy in New York with the support of Sacem and American sponsors and partners. The Fund is managed through the cultural services of the French Embassy in New York together with the FACE Foundation.

More information on FACE

The French American Jazz Exchange

International aide projets SACEM

This Fund supports creation projects involving both French and American jazz artists.

It was created in 2005, on the same principles as the FACE Fund with the Doris Duke Foundation, the "Chamber Music America" association and CulturesFrance.

This Fund is managed through the French Embassy in New York with the cooperation of FACE.

More information on The French American Jazz Exchange


International aide projets SACEM

Regarding its international activities, AJC promotes French and European Jazz.It develops international exchanges so that more foreign Jazz artists are programmed in France and more French musicians are programmed outside France.

Sacem supports this international policy of AJC, invitations of foreign professionnals, cooperation and exchanges activities (French Nordic Jazz Transit, Una Striscia di Terra Feconda, Jazz Migration Export...).

More information on AJC

The Bridge

International aide projets SACEM

Creative and artistic exchanges between the USA and France through 4 tours per year gathering French and American artists.

Each artist takes part to a tour in both countries.

More information on The Bridge

The french miracle tour

International aide projets SACEM

The French Miracle Tour A yearly tour organised by I Love Creative Music for 3 to 4 artists/groups in Asia (focusing on China but not only) with transmedia concept: concerts, residencies, videoclips, videos, social networks, TV documentary films…

More information on The French Miracle Tour