Grants for international tours and showcases - Contemporary music and jazz


To support the development of international careers for creators and assist producers who take the risk of producing shows outside France.


To provide ongoing support for songwriters and composers who have received assistance in the past through schemes in which Sacem is involved, such as those developed by the Bureau Export de la Musique Française, the French-American Jazz Exchange (FAJE), The Bridge, international schemes operated by the Jazzé Croisé Association (AJC), Avant-Garde au MaMA, etc. 

Eligibility criteria

  • The project leader must be an established producer and holder of an entertainment promoter's licence for French establishments or a foreign equivalent, in accordance with the relevant national legislation, whose main activity is the development of artists' careers.
  • This concerns developing creators operating in export territories.
  • Tours must consist of at least 5 dates over a 2-month period.
  • Single show-cases at instructional events in which foreign professionals, are taking part and focus events dedicated to French creation are also eligible.
  • The organisation of professional meetings, recording of concerts or creation of specific modules for the Internet, the shooting of video clips and any cooperation with musicians and creators from the target country(-ies) will be beneficial to the assessment of the application.
  • For this scheme, a maximum of two applications per year may be submitted by each project leader.
  • This scheme cannot be combined with any other SACEM Cultural Activity aid for the same project


Amount of funding

Up to 30% of the artistic budget and travel expenses up to €7,000 for tours, and €5,000 for single concerts or showcases.

Evaluation of applications

  • The application will be considered by the Directorate of Cultural Support Programmes on behalf of the Board of Directors. The project organisers will receive written notification of the Directorate's decision, which is final.
  • No application having once been considered can be re-submitted.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Payment of support

  • The grant will be paid after an agreement has been signed with the beneficiary, setting out the conditions for support by Sacem.
  • The beneficiary must submit a written report on how the grant will be used within the time limit set out in the agreement, by saving an artistic review with a list of any professional meetings held and a financial statement to the computerised file. Failure to provide these documents will result in the consideration of any new application from the project organiser being suspended.

  • The SACEM logo and the motto 'la culture avec la copie privée' (culture with private copying) must be displayed on all visual and written communications, and on all documents in general that relate to the SACEM-aided project.

Requirements for the application

  • The export strategy – in the target territory(-ies) – must be attached to the application
  • A document giving details of:

- the project, including a detailed concert programme

- biographies of the artistic team (songwriters, composers, musicians)

- a summary sheet of the songwriter-composer's entourage

- the production organisation and the artist's professional role

- the strategy used to address the target territories, including professional entourage in the target territories, the policies for physical and digital distribution, promotion and marketing, etc.

- the artist's Internet presence


  • A provisional programme of any planned or scheduled professional meetings for songwriters/composers, if applicable (form to be completed)
  • Budget and financing plan (form to be completed)
  • Standard tour programme: list of works usually performed during the show (form to be completed)
  • Links to any online recordings or a CD sent by post (to Direction de l’Action culturelle à l'International, Sacem, 225 avenue Charles de Gaulle – 92528 Neuilly-sur-Seine cedex)
  • Any other document you may wish to submit in support of your application

Schedule for filing applications

The support programme is closed for the year 2020.