Grants for international tours and concerts - Contemporary classical music


  • To support concerts by French and foreign ensembles and orchestras to promote the diffusion of composers outside their national territory. 
  • To promote the participation of composer at these concerts by encouraging the organisation of press conferences, masterclasses and professional meetings with composers. The production and broadcasting of audiovisual content will increase the value of partnerships. 
  • To encourage follow-up for composers who have previously received grants through funding schemes and joint initiatives in which Sacem participates, such as schemes organised by the Export Office and funding from the New Music Fund, Diaphonique, Impuls neue musik and Focus Musique Contemporaine organised by the Institut Français.

Eligibility criteria

The ensemble must be legally constituted as an association or company and take part in regular concerts and broadcasts in France or abroad.


Priority will be given to projects that involve a series of concerts rather than a single concert, as SACEM is keen to see works performed on multiple occasions.


Tours (outside the national territory) must comprise at least 3 dates.


Tours: special consideration will be given to:
- the scheduling of works that are under-represented in the territory(-ies) proposed, and works by 'emerging' composers in the target countries
- concerts held as part of a ‘French season’ or events that acknowledge French creativity.

The efforts of ensembles offering several concerts in the same country will be given preference.
- activities carried out in conjunction with concerts involving scheduled composers where appropriate : master classes with composers, media promotion, recording and broadcasting of concerts, professional meetings, etc.
- projects accompanied by the release of a CD (or other digital medium) in the territory concerned


Concerts (single dates outside the national territory): showcases and single concerts will be considered where these:
- take place as part of an event in which many programmers are participating,
- are part of an export strategy with professional meetings scheduled upstream.


Project organisers may submit a maximum of two (2) applications per year.


This scheme cannot be combined with funding from Impuls Neue Musik, New Music Fund or Diaphonique.


- Publishers wishing to use works from their catalogue to support the composers involved, as a promotional exercise for the catalogue, may be eligible for the Commission Classique du Burex (Burex Classical Music Grant).
- Consultation is held with the Institut Français  concerning its scheduled seasons, years and festivals.

Amount of funding

Up to 30% of the artistic budget, plus transportation costs, to a maximum of €12,000  for tours and €6,000 for single concerts.

Evaluation of applications

  • The Cultural Support Directorate will examine the application and make a decision on behalf of the Board of Directors. The project organisers will receive written notification of the Directorate's decision, which is final.
  • No application having once been considered can be re-submitted.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Payment of support

  • The grant will be paid after an agreement has been signed with the beneficiary, setting out the conditions for support by Sacem.
  • The beneficiary must submit a written report on how the grant will be used within the time limit set out in the agreement, by saving an artistic review with a list of any professional meetings held and a financial statement to the computerised file. Failure to provide these documents will result in the consideration of any new application from the project organiser being suspended.
  • The SACEM logo and the motto 'la culture avec la copie privée' (culture with private copying) must be displayed on all visual and written communications, and on all documents in general that relate to the SACEM-aided project.

Requirements for the application

A document giving details of:
- the project, including a detailed concert programme
- the ensemble, the artistic team and links between the ensemble and the composers in the programme (previous orders, previous works, regular work, etc.):
- a) For French ensembles: the group should give details of its international development policy and recent experience
- b) For foreign ensembles : the programme should specify what work has been done in terms of contemporary creation and broadcasting non-national repertoires


The export strategy – in the target territory(ies) – must be attached to the application.


Provisional planning of planned/scheduled professional meetings, including meetings for composers, where applicable (form to be completed).


Standard tour programme: list of works usually performed during the show (form to be completed).


Budget and financing plan (form to be completed).


The artist's online presence: website, streaming platforms and social media.


Links to any recorded titles or CDs submitted by post (Direction de l’Action culturelle, Pôle International, 225 avenue Charles de Gaulle - 92528 Neuilly-sur-Seine cedex).


Any other document you consider relevant to support your application.

Schedule for filing applications

The support programme is closed for the year 2020.